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This includes multi-media filtration, which reduces turbidity, odors, iron, manganese and heavy metals from water. Softening is used to reduce water hardness, making your equipment function effectively and efficiently..

·                                                           Filtration             Chemical treatment             Anti-Scalants

·                                   pH adjustment             Softening — with brine-reclaim and aqua sensor technology


This features micro, ultra and Nano-filtration, which reduce turbidity, suspended solids, and organic substances. This prepares water for effective disinfection and Reverse osmosis

·                                                               Micro-filtration                             Ultra-filtration

                                                                Nano-filtration                             Reverse osmosis


This feature reduces mineral ions from water. The result is polished water that is free of salts, eliminating the accumulation of scale.

·                           Portable exchange deionization (Pedi)                      Continuous electro deionization (Cedi)


These store water for peak demand times.  Customers can size equipment based on average water usage, which helps reduce capital costs.

·                                                                                        250 - 100,000 Gallons


This feature offers delivery options, and treatment of water, depending on your water quality requirements.

·                                                   Re-Pressurization              Sanitization                   Sub-Micron Filters

·                                       Distribution Systems             Re-Circulation Systems           Disinfection Systems



       1.       Aeration Towers                      2.       Deionization                       3.      Add meters-flow, TDS

       4.       Reverse Osmosis Plants        5.       Softener Plants                    6.      Filtration & Purification Systems

       7.       Mechanical Filtration             8.      Chlorination Systems         9.      Sewage Treatment Plants

       10.     pH Adjustment                        11.     Biological filters                 12.    Mobile emergency drinking water plant

       13.     Automatic Dozing Skid          14.     Corrosion Coupons            15.    Industrial Waste water Treatment Plants                 

       16.    Chemicals and Anti-scalants    



Chemco’s facilities include a state-of-the-art laboratory, in-houseedevelopment of products and applications, augmented by excellent services provided by our trained engineers.

1.      Plant and system audit and survey

2.      Analysis of water and interpretation of results

3.      Full chemical treatment program and recommendation together with comprehensive monitoring regime

4.      Periodic (daily, weekly or monthly) field technical services which will include water analysis, plant    performance monitoring, chemical re-evaluation, trouble-shooting and comprehensive technical report and recommendations.

5.      Inspection of equipment such as condenser, heat exchanger and boiler during plant or equipment shutdown

6.      Laboratory analysis of deposit and interpretation of results

7.      Technical on-site and classroom training regarding water treatment and water related problem

8.      Laboratory and site evaluation on microbiological related problems

9.      Chemical dosing system and monitoring automation

10.    Statistical process control and parameters monitoring computer software

11.    Our engineers are able to perform on-site water analysis with the latest mobile testing equipment.


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