Industrial Water Treatment



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Chemco was established as a local partner for multinational water treatment chemical manufacturers looking to service the highly industrialized market in Pakistan. Over the past 10 years, Chemco has evolved into a fully integrated turn-key solutions provider for critical water treatment process for our customer across the country. We have forged strong partnership with multinational manufacturer of speciality chemicals and consultants. Investing in our technical sales and service teams, we continue to train and transfer knowledge to our customers to create a transparent and long-term relationship. We have established our in-house production facility which allows us to produce a customized range of products for individual customers as well as ensuring that quality products are available on-demand.

From Chemco's trained and experienced technical team on the ground, to our wide range of world-class solutions, we offer you everything you require to manage your water treatment processes. As a business unit of the Fancy Group of companies. Chemco draws upon its management's vast knowledge and experience of industries in Pakistan and Middle East since 1947. This ensures continuous interaction within the group as well as provides for financial strength for growth and commitment to customers.

Entrusting Chemco with your water treatment ensures piece of mind and allows you to focus on what you do best… RUN YOUR BUSINESS!!

Our mission is to meet and exceed the needs of our customers by building long-term relationships and thus ensuring value addition to them in terms of high ROI and greater profitability.

Chemco: One stop solution to all your water treatment problems

We provide Industrial Water Treatment solutions for the following major industries:

                                     Fertilizer                                                                                      Textile

                                Pharmaceuticals                                                                            Cement   

                                    RO Plants                                                                                       Hotels

                     Aluminium Smelter Plants                                                  Oil & Gas Extraction & Refineries

                       District Cooling Systems                                                                      Steel Mills

                                  Power Plants                                                                                Paper Mills

                                      Airports                                                                                   Swimming Pools                                                       




We Specialize In:

·       On-site Analysis, surveys, audits

·     International and local consultants

·     Range of ISO Certified products

·     In-house production and blending facility

·     Customized international and onsite training for customers

·     Qualified mechanical and chemical engineers

·     Statistical process control

·     Services across Pakistan

·     Business Reviews





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